(1)   The murder of your sibling
(2)   Fire that injures or kills an ally
(3)   A person who murders their brother or sister


  1. The killing of one's brother (or sister).
  2. A person who commits this crime.
    • 1936, H. A. L. Fisher, A History of Europe, Edward Arnold Publishers, p.376,
      The conversion of Russia to Christianity was effected, it would seem by a monster of cruelty and lust. That Vladimir (980 - 1015) was a fratricide, who maintained 3,500 concubines, has not prevented his canonization as a saint.
  3. The killing of a comrade in arms or one who commits this act (intentionally or unintentionally).
    • 1999, Richard M. Swain, Lucky War: Third Army in Desert Storm, DIANE Publishing, p. 180,
      From January on, Third Army also spent a good deal of energy trying to solve the problem of fratricide, the killing or injuring of one's own forces by what is ironically called 'friendly fire,'...

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