Daffy Duck


  1. A comical duck.
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    • 1993, Vernon Lionel Shetley, "John Ashbery's Difficulty", After the Death of Poetry:
      [p 125] The poem's contrasts reflect those of its source, which is not so much Tex Avery's 1938 cartoon “Daffy Duck in Hollywood” as Chuck Jones's celebrated “Duck Amuck” of 1953. In “Duck Amuck,” Daffy swashbuckles onto the screen wielding a rapier, as if to reprise his 1950 role, “The Scarlet Pumpernickel.”
      [p 127] This closing section sports a number of inversions (e.g., "bivouac we") reminiscent of the verbal habits of the Daffy Duck voice, yet this ending seems very different in tone from the broadly ironic opening.
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    • 1996, Joseph R. Garber, Vertical Run‎, page 30
      His inner voice, his guardian angel sneered in a Daffy Duck voice, Of courth you realithe thith meanth war
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    • 2000, Gene Brewer, K-PAX‎, page 243
      "Yeth thir?" in his Daffy Duck voice. I thought: He's been hanging around Milton too long