(1)   A cutting implement; a tool for cutting
(2)   A sailing vessel with a single mast set further back than the mast of a sloop
(3)   A boat for communication between ship and shore
(4)   Someone whose work is cutting (as e.g. cutting cloth for garments)
(5)   Someone who carves the meat
(6)   Someone who cuts or carves stone


  1. A person or device that cuts
  2. A single-masted, fore-and-aft rigged, sailing vessel with at least two headsails, and a mast set further aft than that of a sloop.
  3. A heavy-duty motor boat for official use.
    a coastguard cutter.
  4. A ship's boat, used for transport ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore.
  5. A ball that moves sideways in the air, or off the pitch, because it has been cut.
  6. A cut fastball.
  7. A ten pence piece. So named because it is the coin most often sharpened by prison inmates to use as a weapon.
  8. A person who practices self-injury.
  9. A light sleigh drawn by one horse.