Xi'an District, Liaoyuan
Xi'an District is a district of Jilin
Jilin , is a province of the People's Republic of China located in the northeastern part of the country. Jilin borders North Korea and Russia to the east, Heilongjiang to the north, Liaoning to the south, and Inner Mongolia to the west...

, China
Chinese civilization may refer to:* China for more general discussion of the country.* Chinese culture* Greater China, the transnational community of ethnic Chinese.* History of China* Sinosphere, the area historically affected by Chinese culture...

. It is under the administration of Liaoyuan
Liaoyuan is a prefecture-level city in the west of Jilin province in Northeast China, bounded on the west by Liaoning province. Liaoyuan city lies some 100 km southeast of Changchun, the capital of Jilin province. Covering an area of 5,125 square kilometers, Liaoyuan is the smallest among the...


Administrative Divisions

  • Xiancheng Subdistrict (仙城街道), Dongshan Subdistrict (东山街道), Fuguo Subdistrict (富国街道), Xianfeng Subdistrict (先锋街道), Anjia Subdistrict (安家街道), Tai'an Subdistrict (太安街道)

The only township is Dengta Township (灯塔乡)
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