Tadeusz Jasiński
Tadeusz Jasiński - was one of the young defenders of Grodno (see Battle of Grodno (1939)
Battle of Grodno (1939)
The Battle of Grodno took place between 21 September and 24 September 1939, during the Soviet invasion of Poland. It was fought between improvised Polish units under Gen...

) in September 1939, after the Soviet invasion of Poland
Soviet invasion of Poland
Soviet invasion of Poland can refer to:* the second phase of the Polish-Soviet War of 1920 when Soviet armies marched on Warsaw, Poland* Soviet invasion of Poland of 1939 when Soviet Union allied with Nazi Germany attacked Second Polish Republic...

. He was one of the civilians captured and used by the Soviets as "human shields" attached to the armor and tanks.

On 14 September 2009 he was posthumously awarded the Commander's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta by the President of Poland, for heroism shown during the defense of Grodno in 1939.
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