St. Teodora de la Sihla Church
The St. Teodora de la Sihla Church is a cathedral in Downtown Chişinău
Downtown Chişinău
Central or Downtown Chişinău is the central business district of Chişinău, Moldova.- Overview :In central Chişinău are located the major governmental and business institutions of Moldova:*The Parliament*Government building*Presidential palace...

, Moldova
Moldova , officially the Republic of Moldova is a landlocked state in Eastern Europe, located between Romania to the West and Ukraine to the North, East and South. It declared itself an independent state with the same boundaries as the preceding Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1991, as part...



Formerly the chapel of a girls gymnasium, the church of St. Teodora de la Sihla is an architectural masterpiece by Alexander Bernardazzi
Alexander Bernardazzi
Aleksander Osipovich Bernardazzi was a Russian architect best known for his work in Odessa and Chişinău.- His life :...

. It boasts the elements of his favorite neoclassic byzantine architecture
Byzantine architecture
Byzantine architecture is the architecture of the Byzantine Empire. The empire gradually emerged as a distinct artistic and cultural entity from what is today referred to as the Roman Empire after AD 330, when the Roman Emperor Constantine moved the capital of the Roman Empire east from Rome to...


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