Souvenirs d'enfance
Souvenirs d'enfance is a series of autobiographical novels by French filmmaker and académicien
Académie française
L'Académie française , also called the French Academy, is the pre-eminent French learned body on matters pertaining to the French language. The Académie was officially established in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu, the chief minister to King Louis XIII. Suppressed in 1793 during the French Revolution,...

, Marcel Pagnol
Marcel Pagnol
Marcel Pagnol was a French novelist, playwright, and filmmaker. In 1946, he became the first filmmaker elected to the Académie Française.-Biography:...

 (1895–1974). Souvenirs d'enfance comprises four volumes covering the years from his birth in 1895 to about 1910, which were spent in Marseille
Marseille , known in antiquity as Massalia , is the second largest city in France, after Paris, with a population of 852,395 within its administrative limits on a land area of . The urban area of Marseille extends beyond the city limits with a population of over 1,420,000 on an area of...

, with family summer holidays in La Treille
La Treille
La Treille is a quartier on the outskirts of Marseilles' 11th arrondissement, in the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône, France. At the quartier's centre is the ancient village of La Treille, with some 900 inhabitants...

, about ten kilometres (six miles) away. The four volumes in order are La Gloire de mon père ("My Father's Glory"); Le Château de ma mère
Le Château de ma mère
My Mother's Castle is a 1957 autobiographical novel by Marcel Pagnol, the second in the four-volume series Souvenirs d'enfance and the sequel to My Father's Glory...

("My Mother's Castle"); Le Temps des secrets ("The Time of Secrets"); and Le Temps des amours ("The Time of Love"). The first two were published in 1957, the third in 1960, and the fourth, which was unfinished, was published posthumously in 1977. The first two were made into films, directed by Yves Robert
Yves Robert
Yves Robert was a French actor, screenwriter, director, and producer.Born in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, in his teens Robert went to Paris to pursue a career in acting, starting with unpaid parts on stage in the city's various theatre workshops. To support himself, he worked at a variety of jobs...



  • My Father's Glory
    My Father's Glory (film)
    My Father's Glory is a 1990 French film directed by Yves Robert, based on the novel My Father's Glory by Marcel Pagnol...

  • My Mother's Castle
    My Mother's Castle (film)
    My Mother's Castle is a 1990 French film directed by Yves Robert, based on the book of the same name by Marcel Pagnol...

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