Shinran: Path to Purity
is a 1987
1987 in film
-Events:*January 31 - The Cure for Insomnia premieres at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois, to officially become the world's longest film according to Guinness World Records....

Cinema of Japan
The has a history that spans more than 100 years. Japan has one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world – as of 2009 the fourth largest by number of feature films produced. Movies have been produced in Japan since 1897, when the first foreign cameramen arrived...

 drama film
Drama film
A drama film is a film genre that depends mostly on in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes. Dramatic themes such as alcoholism, drug addiction, infidelity, moral dilemmas, racial prejudice, religious intolerance, poverty, class divisions, violence against women...

  directed by Rentaro Mikuni. The film won the Jury Prize
Jury Prize (Cannes Film Festival)
The Jury Prize is an award presented at the Cannes Film Festival. It is chosen by the jury from the 'official section' of movies at the festival. It is considered the third most prestigious prize at the film festival, after the Palme d'Or and the Grand Prix....

 at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival
1987 Cannes Film Festival
- Jury :*Yves Montand*Danièle Heymann*Elem Klimov*Gérald Calderon*Jeremy Thomas*Jerzy Skolimowski*Nicola Piovani*Norman Mailer*Theo Angelopoulos-Feature film competition:...



  • Junkyu Moriyama - Zenshin (Shinran)
  • Michiyo Ookusu - Keishin, Shinran's wife
  • Ako - Shiina
  • Kazuo Andoh - Kazuto
  • Sen Hara - Ayae
  • Guts Ishimatsu
    Guts Ishimatsu
    is a former boxing world champion from Kanumashi, Japan. After retiring from boxing, he has gained popularity as an actor and comedian.As a boxer, he was known for his unpredictable style, sometimes marking completely unpredicted victories, and often losing in extravagant fashion as well...

     - Atota
  • Hanshiro Iwai - Sadaie Fujiwara
  • Shigeru Izumiya
    Shigeru Izumiya
    Shigeru Izumiya is a Japanese poet, folk singer, actor, tarento. He established record company "For Life Records" with Takuro Yoshida, Yosui Inoue, Hitoshi Komuro in 1975...

     - Hyu
  • Hosei Komatsu - Utsunomiya
  • Akaji Maro
    Akaji Maro
    is a Japanese actor, Butoka, and theater director. He was born in Sakurai, Nara and is the founder of Dairakudakan. His son is Nao Ōmori.-Film:*Yakuza Weapon *Sakigake!! Otokojuku *Makai Tensho *Kill Bill Vol...

     - Nanzame
  • Mako Midori - Chiyo
  • Rentaro Mikuni - Horai
  • Junko Miyashita
    Junko Miyashita
    is a Japanese actress who had a long and varied career working both in pink film and mainstream cinema.- Career :Junko Miyashita was born in Tokyo on January 29, 1949. She was working as a waitress at a coffee shop when she was recruited to work in Pink films....

     - Believer
  • Sanae Nakahara - Woman at waiting
  • Katsuo Nakamura
    Katsuo Nakamura
    is a Japanese actor. He won the award for best supporting actor at the 5th Japan Academy Prize and at the 6th Hochi Film Award for Kagero-za, Buriki no kunsho, Shikake-nin Baian...

     - Biwa player
  • Miki Odagiri - Woman at the field
  • Eitarô Ozawa - Gyosen
  • Frankie Sakai
    Frankie Sakai
    was a Japanese comedian, actor, and musician.-Career:From his days at Keio University, Sakai worked as a jazz drummer at American Army camps during the Occupation of Japan, often doing comic routines with his music...

     - Yorishige Inada
  • Kôji Shimizu
    Koji Shimizu
    is a retired male long-distance runner from Japan. He set his personal best in the men's marathon event on March 2, 2003 at the Lake Biwa Marathon.-Achievements:*All results regarding marathon, unless stated otherwise...

  • Kantarô Suga
    Kantarō Suga
    , was a leading Japanese actor. His film credits span three decades, from 1960 to 1990. One of his prominent appearances was in the lead role in Pastoral: To Die in the Country...

     - Zennen
  • Tetsuro Tamba
    Tetsuro Tamba
    was a Japanese actor.-Biography:Tamba is perhaps best known by Western audiences for his role as Tiger Tanaka in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice . By then, he had among other roles appeared in two films by director Masaki Kobayashi: Harakiri and Kwaidan...

     - Aketora
  • Tomisaburo Wakayama
    Tomisaburo Wakayama
    , born Masaru Okumura, was a Japanese actor, best known for playing Ogami Ittō, the scowling, 17th century ronin warrior in the six Lone Wolf and Cub samurai movies.-Biography:...

     - Homen

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