Quad coupé
A quad coupé is a car body style
Car body style
Automobiles' body styles are highly variable. Some body styles remain in production, while others become less common or obsolete. They may or may not correlate to a car's price, size or intended market classification. The same car model might be available in multiple body styles comprising a...

 featuring bi-parting side doors – located either on one or both sides of the vehicle.

The bi-parting doors typically feature a longer front door and a short rear door, without a pillar
Pillar (car)
Pillars are the vertical supports of the greenhouse of an automobile — known respectively as the A, B, C or D-pillar moving in profile view from the front to rear....

 in between. The configuration offers the utility of a 4-doors, though the doors operate inter-dependently. The forward door must always be opened before the rear-door – which opens in a rear-hinged fashion – can be opened.
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