Pascual de Aragón
Pascual de Aragón y Córdoba (1626 - 28 September 1677) was s Spanish nobleman and cleric. He served as Viceroy of Naples and as Archbishop of Toledo.

Born in Mataró
Mataró is the capital and largest city of the comarca of the Maresme, in the province of Barcelona, Catalonia Autonomous Community, Spain. It is located on the Costa del Maresme, to the south of Costa Brava, between Cabrera de Mar and Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, to the north-east of Barcelona. , it...

, Province of Barcelona, Aragón was ordained a priest in 1655. In 1661, aged thirty-five, he was created Cardinal-Priest of Sainte Balbine
Cardinal (Catholicism)
A cardinal is a senior ecclesiastical official, usually an ordained bishop, and ecclesiastical prince of the Catholic Church. They are collectively known as the College of Cardinals, which as a body elects a new pope. The duties of the cardinals include attending the meetings of the College and...

 by Pope Alexander VII
Pope Alexander VII
Pope Alexander VII , born Fabio Chigi, was Pope from 7 April 1655, until his death.- Early life :Born in Siena, a member of the illustrious banking family of Chigi and a great-nephew of Pope Paul V , he was privately tutored and eventually received doctorates of philosophy, law, and theology from...

. However, he did not participate in the Conclaves held in his lifetime.

In 1664, King Philip IV of Spain
Philip IV of Spain
Philip IV was King of Spain between 1621 and 1665, sovereign of the Spanish Netherlands, and King of Portugal until 1640...

 appointed him Viceroy of Naples. In 1666, he was replaced by his brother, Pedro Antonio de Aragón
Pedro Antonio de Aragón
Pedro Antonio de Aragón was a Spanish nobleman, military figure and politician who served under Kings Philip IV and Charles II of Spain. He was the brother of Cardinal Pascual de Aragón, Viceroy of Naples, 1664 - 1666. the son of Enrique Ramón Folch de Cardona y Córdoba. He was born in...

, as he was called back to Spain to become Archbishop of Toledo. Aragon had enjoyed the patronage of the previous Archbishop, Baltasar Moscoso y Sandoval, and upon the latter's death in 1665 had been nominated to succeed him. He was installed in Toledo on 1 February 1666.

In 1665, King Philip IV had died as well, leaving the throne to his son Charles II
Charles II of Spain
Charles II was the last Habsburg King of Spain and the ruler of large parts of Italy, the Spanish territories in the Southern Low Countries, and Spain's overseas Empire, stretching from the Americas to the Spanish East Indies...

, a weak four-year old. Upon his appointment as Archbishop, Aragon became president of the Regency Council. When Queen Mariana of Austria
Mariana of Austria
Mariana of Austria was Queen consort of Spain as the second wife of King Philip IV, who was also her maternal uncle...

 promoted her confessor and former tutor, the Austrian Jesuit Juan Everardo Nithard
Juan Everardo Nithard
Juan Everardo Nithard was an Austrian priest of the Society of Jesus, confessor of Mariana of Austria and valido of Spain....

 to the position of General Inquisitor in 1666 and thus admitted him to the council, Archbishop Aragon was among those who antagonised him und in 1669 supported John of Austria
John of Austria the Younger
John of Austria was a Spanish general and political figure. He was the only natural son of Philip IV of Spain to be acknowledged by the King and trained for military command and political administration...

's military pronunciamiento
A pronunciamiento is a form of military rebellion or coup d'état peculiar to Spain and the Spanish American republics, particularly in the 19th century...

, which resulted in the Jesuit's dismissal.

The Archbishop died in 1677 and was buried in the Convent of the Purísima Concepción in Toledo
Toledo, Spain
Toledo's Alcázar became renowned in the 19th and 20th centuries as a military academy. At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 its garrison was famously besieged by Republican forces.-Economy:...

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