Lubomír Štrougal
Lubomír Štrougal is a former Czech
Czech people
Czechs, or Czech people are a western Slavic people of Central Europe, living predominantly in the Czech Republic. Small populations of Czechs also live in Slovakia, Austria, the United States, the United Kingdom, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Russia and other countries...

 politician and communist Czechoslovakia
Czechoslovakia or Czecho-Slovakia was a sovereign state in Central Europe which existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until 1992...

 prime minister.

After serving in Germany’s industry during the World War II (the total appointment order for Czech people – ) he finished the law studies at the Charles University in Prague
Charles University in Prague
Charles University in Prague is the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1348, it was the first university in Central Europe and is also considered the earliest German university...

. He entered the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
Communist Party of Czechoslovakia
The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, in Czech and in Slovak: Komunistická strana Československa was a Communist and Marxist-Leninist political party in Czechoslovakia that existed between 1921 and 1992....

 and since the late 1950s was a member of its leadership (member of its Central Committee).

Between 1959 and 1961 Štrougal was agriculture minister, then till 1965 he was interior minister.

In 1968 he became deputy prime minister to Oldřich Černík
Oldrich Cerník
Oldřich Černík was a Czechoslovakian Communist political figure. He was the Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia from April 8, 1968 to January 28, 1970....

. At first he refused the 1968 Occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact
Warsaw Pact
The Warsaw Treaty Organization of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance , or more commonly referred to as the Warsaw Pact, was a mutual defense treaty subscribed to by eight communist states in Eastern Europe...

 forces, but later became one of the prominent representatives of Gustáv Husák
Gustáv Husák
Gustáv Husák was a Slovak politician, president of Czechoslovakia and a long-term Communist leader of Czechoslovakia and of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia...

‘s regime. Štrougal was the Czechoslovakia’s prime minister from January 28, 1970 to October 12, 1988.

Because of the conflicts with the communist party chairman Milouš Jakeš
Milouš Jakeš
Miloš Jakeš was General Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia from 1987 until 1989...

, he resigned as the prime minister. He criticized the state of the party, the executive and the society. During the 1989 Velvet Revolution
Velvet Revolution
The Velvet Revolution or Gentle Revolution was a non-violent revolution in Czechoslovakia that took place from November 17 – December 29, 1989...

 Štrougal was one of candidates for the communist party chairmanship, but later left political stage and in February 1990 he was expelled from the party.

The Office for the Documentation and the Investigation of the Crimes of Communism Police of the Czech Republic  accused Štrougal, that in his function in 1965, he prevented investigation of crimes conducted by the communist State Security
State Security
State Security can refer to:* general concepts of security agency or national security* Committee for State Security * State Security * State Security...

 in 1948 and 1949. However, the Prague city court discharged him in 2002 due to lack of evidence.

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