Léon Delagrange
Léon Delagrange

Léon Delagrange (Ferdinand Léon Delagrange; March 13, 1873 was a pioneer French
French people
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 aviator and also a sculptor .

He was born at Orléans
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 and studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts
École des Beaux-Arts
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, Paris. As a sculptor, he is known for several , most notably "Florentine Page", "A Templar", "Love and Youth", "A Huguenot", and "Girl Dancers." On 7 January 1009 he was awarded one of the first eight aviators certificates awarded by the Aéro-Club de France
Aéro-Club de France
The Aéro-Club de France was founded as the Aéro-Club on 20 October 1898 as a society 'to encourage aerial locomotion' by Ernest Archdeacon, Léon Serpollet, Henri de la Valette, Jules Verne and his wife, André Michelin, Albert de Dion, Alberto Santos-Dumont, Henry Deutsch de la Meurthe, and Henry de...

. In September, 1908, a year after his first flight in an aëroplane, he established a record of 15.2 miles in 29 minutes, 53 seconds, and in 1909 he received the Lagatiner prize at Juvisy (3.6 miles in 10 minutes, 18 seconds), made a sensational flight in a storm at Doncaster
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, England, on October 17 established a world record (6 miles in 7 minutes, 36 seconds), and in December made a new monoplane record. In 1910 he was killed in an accident with his monoplane at Croix d'Hins near to Bordeaux. He was president of the Aéro-Club de France in 1907, and in 1909 was decorated with the order of the Legion of Honor
Légion d'honneur
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, and in 1910 received a medal from the Paris Academy of Sciences.

Allegedly Delagrange had an affair with Baroness De La Roche and fathered her son, Andre.

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