Karrösten is a municipality in the Imst (district)
Imst (district)
The Bezirk Imst is an administrative district in Tyrol, Austria. It borders the district Reutte in the north, as well as sharing a small border with Bavaria...

 and is located 1.3 km east of Imst
Imst is a city in the Austrian federal state of Tyrol. It lies on the River Inn in western Tyrol, some 55 km west of Innsbruck and at an altitude of 828 m above sea-level...

. The village was founded because of mining in the 16th century. On the slopes flourishes fruit and maize as well as the most situated sweet chestnut
Sweet Chestnut
Castanea sativa is a species of the flowering plant family Fagaceae, the tree and its edible seeds are referred to by several common names such Sweet Chestnut or Marron. Originally native to southeastern Europe and Asia Minor, it is now widely dispersed throughout Europe and parts of Asia, such as...

of Tyrol on 1000m sea-level. It has 699 inhabitants.

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