Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg
The Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg is one of the larger universities of music in Germany.

It was founded 1950 as Staatliche Hochschule für Musik (Public university of music) on the base of the former private acting school of Annemarie Marks-Rocke and Eduard Marks.

Studies include various music types from church music over Jazz to pop music, composition, conducting, instrumental music as well as voice. The theatre academy offers courses in drama and opera and directing in these fields. A third academy offers scientific and educational degrees of study (musicology, music education and therapy).

The university is located in the prestigious Budge-Palais in Hamburg Rotherbaum
Rotherbaum is a quarter of Eimsbüttel, a borough of Hamburg, Germany. In 2006 the population was 16,853.In German, "roter Baum" means red tree. The "th", which in general was abolished in the spelling reform of 1900, was preserved in names...

 at the Außenalster
Außenalster or Outer Alster Lake is one of two artificial lakes within the city limits of Hamburg, Germany, which are formed by the river Alster . The size of the Außenalster is 1.6 km²....

, close to the city centre.


  • Philipp Jarnach
    Philipp Jarnach
    Philipp Jarnach was considered in the 1920s to be one of the most important composers of modern music....

  • Wilhelm Maler (1959-69)
  • Hajo Hinrichs (1969-78)
  • Hermann Rauhe (1978-2004)
  • Michael von Troschke (April to October 2004)
  • Elmar Lampson
    Elmar Lampson
    - Biography :He wrote two symphonies, solo- and chamber music, music for choir and an opera. His music is published by Peermusic Hamburg, New York and is available on various CDs, published by col legno, Vienna....

     (since October 2004)

Former students

  • Erdoğan Atalay
    Erdogan Atalay
    Erdoğan Atalay is a Turkish-German TV star.-Biography:Having already made his first appearance as a minor actor in "Aladdin and the miracle lamp" at the National Theatre of Hanover, he studied acting in Hamburg...

  • Ingrid Bachér
    Ingrid Bachér
    Ingrid Bachér is a German writer, a former member of the Gruppe 47 and former president of the PEN Germany.- Biography :...

  • Hermann Baumann
  • Dagmar Berghoff
    Dagmar Berghoff
    Dagmar Berghoff is a German radio and television presenter. Originally an actress, she became known as a reader of the evening news for ARD.-Biography:...

  • Oliver Bendt
    Oliver Bendt
    Oliver Bendt is a German singer and actor.Knoch grew up the son of an actress in Munich, where he played children's roles in several films, including Königswalzer and Weil du arm bist, musst du früher sterben...

  • Christian Bruhn
  • Margit Carstensen
    Margit Carstensen
    Margit Carstensen is a German theatre and film actress, best known outside Germany for roles in the works of film director Rainer Werner Fassbinder.-Theater career:...

  • Unsuk Chin
    Unsuk Chin
    Unsuk Chin , is a South Korean composer of classical music, based in Berlin, Germany. She was awarded the Grawemeyer Award in 2004 and the Arnold Schönberg Prize in 2005.- Biography :...

  • Tatjana Clasing
  • Angela Denoke
    Angela Denoke
    Angela Denoke is a German opera singer .She studied at the University of Music and Drama of Hamburg. Her first contract was at the Theater Ulm , where she sang Fiordiligi , Donna Anna and Agathe in , among other roles...

  • Justus von Dohnányi
    Justus von Dohnányi
    Justus von Dohnányi is a German actor. His father is the German conductor, Christoph von Dohnányi and his grandfather was the German jurist and member of the German resistance, Hans von Dohnanyi.-Biographical details:...

  • Jorinde Dröse
  • Christoph Eschenbach
    Christoph Eschenbach
    Christoph Eschenbach , born February 20, 1940, Breslau, Germany is a German-born pianist and conductor. He currently holds positions in Washington, D.C. as music director of the National Symphony Orchestra and music director of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.-Early...

  • Justus Frantz
    Justus Frantz
    Justus Frantz is a German pianist, conductor, and television personality.- Life :...

  • Evelyn Hamann
    Evelyn Hamann
    Evelyn Hamann was a German actress.- Life :Evelyn Hamann was born into a family of musicians in Hamburg, Germany: her father Bernhard Hamann was a violinist, the concertmaster of the NDR television company's symphony orchestra and founded the Hamann Quartet; her mother was a singer and music...

  • Kirsten Harms
  • Sebastian Herrmann
  • Josef Heynert
  • Hannelore Hoger
    Hannelore Hoger
    Hannelore Hoger is a German actress and director.- External links :...

  • Ulrich Hub
  • Christiane Iven
  • Peter Jordan
    Peter Jordan
    Peter Jordan is best known for the work series It's a Living, which aired on CBC Television from 1989 to 2003.Peter was also a regular contributor to CBWT's 24Hours LateNight program in the 1980s....

  • Toshiyuki Kamioka
    Toshiyuki Kamioka
    Toshiyuki Kamioka is a Japanese conductor and pianist, who lives and works predominantly in Germany since 1984.-Professional career:Toshiyuki Kamioka studied from 1979 to 1983 conducting, composition, piano and violin at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, where he was awarded...

  • Matthias Leja
  • Susanne Lothar
    Susanne Lothar
    Susanne Lothar is a German actress.Lothar studied at the Schauspiel an der Hochschule für Theater und Musik in Hamburg...

  • Dörte Lyssewski
  • Julia Malik
  • Marie-Luise Marjan
    Marie-Luise Marjan
    Marie-Luise Marjan is a German actress.Marie-Luise Marjan is best known for her role as Helga Beimer in the German Television Series Lindenstraße...

  • Detlev Müller-Siemens
  • Dörte Maria Packeiser
  • Hans-Jörg Packeiser
  • Ivan Rebroff
    Ivan Rebroff
    Ivan Rebroff was a German singer, allegedly of Russian ancestry, with an extraordinary vocal range of four and a half octaves, ranging from the soprano to impressive bass registers....

  • Dorothea Röschmann
    Dorothea Röschmann
    Dorothea Röschmann is a German opera soprano from Flensburg.-Education and early life:Röschmann studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, under Barbara Schlick at the Akademie für Alte Musik in Bremen, and subsequently in Los Angeles, New York, Tel Aviv, and under Vera Rózsa in London...

  • Judith Rosmair
  • Iris Vermillion

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