Giuseppe D'Amato
Giuseppe D’Amato is an Italian historian, specialized in Russia and former USSR, and a columnist of international politics.


After getting a decree in Italy in the Eighties, he became scholar of the Russian academician Sigurd Ottovich Schmidt (in Russian
Russian language
Russian is a Slavic language used primarily in Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It is an unofficial but widely spoken language in Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Turkmenistan and Estonia and, to a lesser extent, the other countries that were once constituent republics...

 Шмидт, Сигурд Оттович) at Moscow’s Historical-Archive Institute (Russian State University for the Humanities
Russian State University for the Humanities
The Russian State University for the Humanities , is a university in Moscow, Russia with over 5500 students. It was created in 1991 as the result of the merger of the Moscow Public University and the Moscow State Institute for History and Archives The Russian State University for the Humanities...

) at the beginning of the Ninetieth. He got the Ph.D. in history.


D’Amato wrote a book about Italian travellers to Russia in the 15th -16th centuries and studied Russian-Italian relationship. Some of his articles have been edited in other languages than Italian. He edited three books about the break-up of USSR, the EU enlargement to the East, and euro-integration.

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    Marshall Poe
    Marshall Tillbrook Poe is an American writer and historian. He is a member of the Department of History at the University of Iowa, and a visiting professor at Eastern Michigan University for the 2007-8 academic year....

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