Ghalib Efendi
Ghalib Efendi bin Musa'ed was a Sharif
Sharif of Mecca
The Sharif of Mecca or Hejaz was the title of the former governors of Hejaz and a traditional steward of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina...

 of Ottoman
Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman EmpireIt was usually referred to as the "Ottoman Empire", the "Turkish Empire", the "Ottoman Caliphate" or more commonly "Turkey" by its contemporaries...

-controlled Hijaz from 1788–1803 and 1813–1827. After being deposed, he was re-installed following the Battle of Jeddah
Battle of Jeddah (1813)
The Battle of Jeddah or Cidde was fought in 1813 at the west Arabian port of Jeddah as part of the Ottoman–Saudi War. The Ottoman army of Tusun Pasha arrived from Medina, and a new army led by his father Mohammed Ali Pasha arrived from Egypt. The Egyptian forces recaptured the city immediately,...

 in the Ottoman-Saudi War.
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