Engineering & Technology
Engineering & Technology (E&T) is a science, engineering and technology magazine published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology
Institution of Engineering and Technology
The Institution of Engineering and Technology is a British professional body for those working in engineering and technology in the United Kingdom and worldwide. It was formed in 2006 from two separate institutions: the Institution of Electrical Engineers , dating back to 1871, and the...

 (IET) in the United Kingdom. The magazine is issued 12 times per year, and is distributed to the 150,000 plus membership of the IET.

The magazine was launched in April 2008 as a result of the merger between the Institution of Electrical Engineers
Institution of Electrical Engineers
The Institution of Electrical Engineers was a British professional organisation of electronics, electrical, manufacturing, and Information Technology professionals, especially electrical engineers. The I.E.E...

 and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers
Institution of Incorporated Engineers
The Institution of Incorporated Engineers was a multidisciplinary engineering institution in the United Kingdom. In 2006 it merged with the Institution of Electrical Engineers to form the Institution of Engineering and Technology . Before the merger the IIE had approximately 40,000 members...

 on 31 March 2006. Prior to the merger, both organisations had their own membership magazine, the IEE's monthly IEE Review and the IIE's Engineering Technology. Engineering & Technology is an amalgamation of the two, and was initially published twelve times per year. Alongside this, members also received one of seven other monthly magazines published by the IET relating to a field of the subject of their choice, with the option to purchase any of the other titles. In January 2008, the IET merged these seven titles into E&T to make a nearly fortnightly magazine with a larger pagination, providing all members with one magazine covering all topics. In January 2011 the frequency was reduced to 12 times per year.

The Editor-in-Chief for E&T and the IET's other magazines that include the teenagers' magazine Flipside
Flipside, flip side, or flipsyde may refer to:* The B-side of a gramophone record.* An opposite, reverse, or sharply contrasted side or aspect of something or someone.-Print:...

, is Dickon Ross.
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