Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas
Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas (Encantadia: Love Until the End), also known globally as Avisala Encantadia: Love Until the End is the third and the last installment of the Encantadia
Encantadia is a Filipino fantasy television series produced by GMA Network. The pilot episode was aired on May 2, 2005. Its last episode was aired on December 9 of the same year to give way to its second book, Etheria. This series aired its pilot episode on December 12, and its last episode on...

. It depicts the continuing story of the four royal Diwata
In Philippine mythology, a Diwata , also known as Encantada, is a mythological figure similar to fairies or nymphs. They are nature spirits and live one with mother earth...

 sisters, Sang'gres Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya, along with King Ybrahim of Sapiro, in the enchanted world of Encantadia as they face the repercussions of their previous journey through Encantadia's history. The pilot episode aired on February 20, 2006 and the series ended on April 28, 2006.

New characters

  • Punjabwes - A renegade tribe found in a remote territory of Sapiro. They possess unique powers that make them a formidable enemy. A group of Punjabwes run the Bahaghari ("Rainbow"), an airship of travelling entertainers.
    • Azulan - The strong and handsome leader of the Bahaghari. Though he often makes light of even the most serious of situations, he also possesses somber moods that belie a secret that he keeps (revealed later on to be from the world of mortals). He fancies Sangg're Amihan. (played by RnB Prince Jay-R)
    • Violeta and Luntian - Twin Punjabwes who are swift in combat. They are fierce warriors whose movements and speech provide an amusing display of double trouble. (portrayed by Kristine and Katrina Gonzales, known as JaBoom Twins)
    • Dilawan - An elderly Adamyan among the Punjabwes. Azulan turns to him for advice because of his wisdom and experience.Dilawan was voiced over by Noel Urbano.Ч
    • Rosas - A feisty fortune teller, who claims to be the last remaining member of the Yudo-o tribe. She foresees a terrible fate for King Ybrahim.
    • Kahel - A fearsome yet gentle giant who speaks gibberish understandable only to his fellow Bahaghari crewmates.
  • Armea - Sang'gre daughter of King Ybrahim and Queen Alena; heiress of Sapiro. (played by Jackie Rice
    Jackie Rice
    Jackie Rice is a Filipina actress, television personality and commercial model.-Career and personal life:...

  • Arman - Son of Ybrahim and Odessa; also a candidate an heir of the throne of Sapiro. (played by Marky Cielo
    Marky Cielo
    Mark Angelo Cadaweng Cielo , better known as Marky Cielo, was a Filipino actor, dancer, and the first known Igorot in Philippine showbiz. He is notable for his win in the reality talent competition StarStruck...

  • Picarros - A reclusive group of dwarfs who were entrusted with the care of baby Armea by her abductors.
  • Galatea - Emre's chief aide in Devas.
  • Sari-a - The spirit-guide of the Gem of Earth. (portrayed by Geneva Cruz)
  • Sari Manok- pet of Kiniray-A

The Return of Ynang Reyna

The third book begins a year after the Sang'gres' return from their journey back in time to their world's past (which was chronicled in the second book, Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia
Etheria is a Filipino fantasy television series that was produced by GMA Network. The full title of the series is Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia , referring to Encantadia, its predecessor series...


The story opens with the celebration Armea's birth, daughter of Ybrahim and Alena, the King and Queen of Sapiro. Alena’s Sang’gre sisters, Pirena, Amihan, and Queen Danaya of Lireo, also graced the festivities. The Sang'gres are once again in possession of the gemstones that represent the four elements: Pirena keeps the Gemstone of Fire; Amihan, the Gemstone of Wind; Alena, Water; and Danaya, Earth. Consequently, the Sang’gres use the powers conferred by the gems to preserve the peace and balance in Encantadia.

Amidst the joy and revelry, Mine-a
Mine-a is a character from the Filipino telefantasya saga Encantadia produced by GMA Network. Also known as Ynang Reyna, Mine-a is a queen of the Diwata kingdom of Lireo, and the mother of main characters Amihan, Pirena, Alena and Danaya.Mine-a has been played by several Filipina actresses...

, the Sang'gres' beloved mother seemingly returns from Devas to warn her daughters of impending danger.

After being greeted by her four daughters, Mine-a tells them that Encantadia needs them once more. Trouble is brewing. Mine-a produces four butterflies (they resemble the butterflies of Devas), each one assigned to take the Sang'gres to specific locations in Encantadia.

Revenge of the Herans

It is revealed that Ether
Ethers are a class of organic compounds that contain an ether group — an oxygen atom connected to two alkyl or aryl groups — of general formula R–O–R'. A typical example is the solvent and anesthetic diethyl ether, commonly referred to simply as "ether"...

, goddess of fallen Etheria
Etheria is a Filipino fantasy television series that was produced by GMA Network. The full title of the series is Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia , referring to Encantadia, its predecessor series...

, disguised herself as Mine-a to fool the Sang'gres. Before leaving, she gives Cassandra a crystal ball that holds the souls of the four Herans (Queen Avria of Hera Andal, Andora of Hera Sensa, Juvila
Juvila is a fictional character from the Philippine telefantasya Etheria which is a prequel/sequel to the highly rated Encantadia. Juvila is played by Filipina singer-actress and SexBomb Girls member Jopay Paguia.-Character background:...

 of Hera Volo, and Odessa of Hera Aega) that she saved after the fall of Etheria. Cassandra accidentally breaks the crystal ball, and through a drop of blood from her cut finger, she unknowingly revives the Herans. Ether bids them to exact vengeance on the Sang'gres for what they did to Etheria by destroying their kingdoms and seizing their gems.

Through Ether's illusion magic, Avria soon infiltrates Lireo and eventually manages to replace Queen Danaya, after stealing her form and the Earth Gem. As Danaya, she manipulates the other Sang'gres, encouraging Pirena to rebuild Hathoria, while deceiving Alena and Amihan that Pirena has returned to her wicked ways. Andora also uses her mental powers to sow chaos, controlling Hathors and Pirena herself into attacking Amihan and Alena. Odessa, on the other hand, finds her way through Sapiro and befriends Cassandra. Through Cassandra, Odessa discovers that her infant son still lives, and takes every opportunity to visit him in the royal palace of Sapiro.


This third installment concluded the series. It gave the final episode of the fantaserye.

There had been many deaths of the many characters in this book. Early on in the series, Cassiopeia was murdered by a masked assailant (later revealed to be Arkrey). Ybrahim while saving his heiress from the hands of Ether. Alena died in the hands of Hagorn to save Arman. She also lost her gemstone of water to Hagorn but was later taken by Pirena. All of the villains died in here including all the Herans and their goddess Ether.

The final episode started at the last war in the world of encantados. Danaya, who was then Queen of Lireo, fought her own gabay-diwa (spirit guide) in the forest of her own kingdom. Amihan fought the goddess Ether at the bay of the Lake (or Sea or Ocean) of Adamya. Her father Raquim appeared for the moment to help her. Pirena fought her own father Hagorn at the forest of Sapiro. The army of Lireo and Sapiro joined forces to attack the realms of the Hathors and Etherian wraiths. The Punjabwe twins (Violeta and Luntian) and Armea, donning her mother's armor, also helped.

The forces of good prevailed. Amihan killed Ether freeing Sariya from her command. Danaya and Sariya stopped fighting since the gemstone of earth was returned. Hagorn killed himself for he could not kill his own daughter. Pirena received the gemstone of water which she later gave to Armea.

After the war, Armea was crowned as the queen of Sapiro and received her mother's gemstone of water. She was taught by her Ashti Pirena on how to become a good and effective leader, to be loved by all. Cassandra returned from the mortal world years later as a fully grown woman. She was crowned as the 11th Queen of Lireo afterwards. Pirena returned to Hathoria and destroyed it using her gemstone.

The final scene was only storytelling about what happened afterwards. They (encantados) said that the four Sang'gres disappeared suddenly and nobody knew what happened to them. They later became myths in the land of Encantadia. An eyewitness proclaimed that he/she saw Danaya, no longer the matriarch of Lireo, in the forest with her child and her husband Aquil. The whole world of Encantadia was left at the custody of the succeeding generation: Cassandra (Queen of Lireo), Armea (Queen of Sapiro), and Arman who actually dotted the show. The last scene was with Arman who after becoming a gypsy was shown riding a dragon hovering over the pink skies of the mythical world.

"Ito ang Encantadia. Isang maalamat at magandang mundo..." (This is Encantadia. A beautiful world full of legend)


  • Sunshine Dizon
    Sunshine Dizon
    Sunshine Dizon is a Filipina actress. She started in show business when she was three years old.-Biography:...

     as Sanggre Pirena
  • Iza Calzado
    Iza Calzado
    Iza Calzado is a Filipina actress, TV host, performer and model, working as one of GMA-7's contract artists.- Biography :...

     as Sanggre Amihan
  • Diana Zubiri
    Diana Zubiri
    Rosemarie Joy Garcia , better known by her screen name Diana Zubiri, is a Filipina actress.She was discovered by Seiko Films when she was 15 years of age soon after applying for work in Japan. She then started on sexy roles on various films by Seiko...

     as Sanggre Danaya
  • Karylle
    Ana Karylle Padilla Tatlonghari , better known as simply Karylle, has established herself as one of the most talented showbiz personalities in the Philippines. She is a respected singer, actress, TV host, athlete, and a writer/blogger....

    as Sanggre Alena

Finale special

On April 23, 2006, a TV special entitled Avisala Encantadia! was aired. It was the first farewell special that GMA Network had created for a phenomenal TV series.
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