Dollars & Sense
Dollars & Sense is a magazine
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 dedicated to providing left-wing perspectives on economics
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Published six times a year since 1974, it is edited by a collective
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 of economists, journalists, and activists committed to the ideals of social justice
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 and economic democracy
Economic democracy
Economic democracy is a socioeconomic philosophy that suggests a shift in decision-making power from a small minority of corporate shareholders to a larger majority of public stakeholders...


It was initially sponsored by the Union for Radical Political Economics, but as of 1996 it is no longer affiliated with that organization. Today, the magazine is published by the independent Dollars and Sense, Inc., a non-profit foundation based in Boston, Massachusetts. Circulation is about 7,000.

The magazine is aimed at academics, students, and activists in the economic justice, social justice and labor movements.

Dollars & Sense also publishes books on economics from a progressive perspective.

The magazine has been a frequent winner of Project Censored
Project Censored
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Among its award-winning articles are:

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