Chantons sous l'Occupation
Chantons sous l'Occupation is a French documentary
Documentary film
Documentary films constitute a broad category of nonfictional motion pictures intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record...

 film from 1976. It was directed and written by André Halimi, starring Pascal Mazzotti, Maître Naud, and Fabienne Jamet.

The film does not recall the resistance or high military facts, it tells about artists and entertainers (from Jean Cocteau
Jean Cocteau
Jean Maurice Eugène Clément Cocteau was a French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, playwright, artist and filmmaker. His circle of associates, friends and lovers included Kenneth Anger, Pablo Picasso, Jean Hugo, Jean Marais, Henri Bernstein, Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel, Erik Satie, María...

 to Maurice Chevalier
Maurice Chevalier
Maurice Auguste Chevalier was a French actor, singer, entertainer and a noted Sprechgesang performer. He is perhaps best known for his signature songs, including Louise, Mimi, Valentine, and Thank Heaven for Little Girls and for his films including The Love Parade and The Big Pond...

) under the Nazi occupation of France (1940-1944). It presents the entire spectrum from resisters to semi-fascists.


  • Pascal Mazzotti : Narrator (voice)
  • Maître Naud : Himself
  • Veit Relin : Herself
  • Manouche : Herself
  • Maître Weil-Curiel : Himself
  • Maurice Bardèche
    Maurice Bardèche
    Maurice Bardèche was a French essayist, literary and art critic, journalist, and one of the leading exponents of Neo-Fascism in post-World War II Europe...

     : Himself
  • Michel Audiard
    Michel Audiard
    Pierre Michel Audiard was a French dialogue writer, screenwriter and film director. He is the father of French film director Jacques Audiard.- 1940 - 1950 :*1949 :** Mission à Tanger of André Hunebelle...

     : Himself
  • Maud Belleroche : Herself
  • André Pousse
    André Pousse
    André Pousse was a noted French actor and, in his youth, also a notable cyclist.-Biography:While primarily known as a leading French actor, André Pousse began his professional career as a cyclist...

     : Himself
  • Dominique Aury : Herself
  • Jean Marais
    Jean Marais
    -Biography:A native of Cherbourg, France, Marais starred in several movies directed by Jean Cocteau, for a time his lover, most famously Beauty and the Beast and Orphée ....

     : Himself
  • Arno Breker
    Arno Breker
    Arno Breker was a German sculptor, best known for his public works in Nazi Germany, which were endorsed by the authorities as the antithesis of degenerate art....

     : Himself
  • Edouard Nessler : Himself
  • Jean-Louis Bory
    Jean-Louis Bory
    Jean-Louis Bory was a French writer, journalist and film critic.-Life:Jean-Louis Bory was born on 25 June 1919 in Méréville, Essonne....

     : Himself
  • Marc Doelnitz : Himself

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