Captain's Wafers
Captain's Wafers are crackers
Cracker (food)
A cracker is a baked good commonly made from grain flour dough and typically made in quantity in various hand-sized or smaller shapes. Flavorings or seasonings, such as salt, herbs, seeds, and/or cheese, may be added to the dough or sprinkled on top before baking...

 made by Lance, Inc. They are light buttery crackers typically served with soups and salads.
They are mentioned specifically in the song "Camel Walk" by Southern Culture on the Skids
Southern Culture on the Skids
Southern Culture on the Skids, also sometimes known as SCOTS, is an American rock band that was formed in 1983 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina...


According to David Beard, the director of training at Lance, Inc., the name of the Captain's Wafers came from the idea that "on a ship, the captains always had the best of everything when it came to meals." So the name Captain's Wafers was used to show they were the very best wafers."

The name was submitted by Joe M. Logan, (executive vice president of sales and marketing at Lance, retired from Lance in 1975). Mr. Logan had returned from World War II service in the South Pacific with the US Army's 7th Infantry Division in 1946. It was his experience on board a merchant vessel going home, during which he was asked to dine at the Captain's table, that produced the idea for the crackers' name.

Sandwich cracker varieties

  • Cream Cheese & Chives on Captain's Wafers
  • Smokehouse Cheddar on Captain's Wafers
  • Peanut Butter with Honey on Captain's Wafers
  • Grilled Cheese on Captain's Wafers
  • Captain's Choice Variety Pack
  • Four Cheese on Captain's Wafers (new)

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