Büllingen is a largely German language
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-speaking municipality
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 located in the Belgian
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 province of Liège
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. On January 1, 2006 Büllingen had a total population of 5,385. The total area is 150.49 km² which gives a population density
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 of 36 inhabitants per km².

Its component village of Krewinkel includes the easternmost point
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in Belgium. The municipality also contains Rocherath, the highest village in Belgium, as well as the second highest point in Belgium, the White Stone near Mürringen.

Since 1977 Büllingen consists of 27 villages:
  • Büllingen, Mürringen, Hünningen, Honsfeld
  • Rocherath, Krinkelt, Wirtzfeld
  • Manderfeld, Afst, Allmuthen, Berterath, Buchholz, Hasenvenn, Hergersberg, Holzheim, Hüllscheid, Igelmonder Hof, Igelmondermühle, Kehr, Krewinkel, Lanzerath, Losheimergraben, Merlscheid, Weckerath, Andlermühle, Eimerscheid, Medendorf
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