Armed Forces & Society
Armed Forces & Society is a quarterly peer-reviewed
Peer review
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 academic journal
Academic journal
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 that publishes scholarly articles and book reviews on civil–military relations, military sociology
Military sociology
Military sociology aims toward the systematic study of the military as a social group rather than as an organization. It is a highly specialized subfield which examines issues related to service personnel as a distinct group with coerced collective action based on shared interests linked to...

, military institutions, conflict management
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, arms control
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, peacekeeping
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, conflict resolution
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, military contracting, terrorism
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, and military ethics. It is the official journal of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society
Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society
The Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society ' is a professional organization and forum for the exchange and evaluation of research on military institutions, civil-military relations, and military sociology with a broad emphasis across the social and behavioral sciences...

 and published by SAGE Publications
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. The current editor is Patricia M. Shields
Patricia M. Shields
Patricia M. Shields is a Professor of Political Science and the current director of the master of public administration program in the political science department at Texas State University. She is also the current editor of the journal Armed Forces & Society. Patricia M...

 (Texas State University–San Marcos
Texas State University–San Marcos
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Armed Forces & Society was established in 1974 by Morris Janowitz
Morris Janowitz
Morris Janowitz, was an American sociologist and professor who made major contributions to sociological theory, the study of prejudice, urban issues, and patriotism. He was one of the founders of military sociology and made major contributions, along with Samuel Huntington, to the establishment of...

 (University of Chicago
University of Chicago
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) and became the "first professional journal to focus on the connection between the military and society in an international and interdisciplinary way." It covers a variety of topics, from Dutch peacekeeping missions, to gender-military and veterans issues. Furthermore, the journal attempts to include a broad focus on "larger theoretical and policy connections," which emphasize questions about the role of the military in sustaining democratic values.

Scholarly studies of Armed Forces & Society

Armed Forces & Society has been the subject of multiple scholarly publications. Ender (2001) examined the characteristics of the journal's first 25 volumes, exploring such factors as academic, regional, and institutional affiliation, as well as co-authorship and the gender configuration of co-authors. Camacho and Atwood (2007) reviewed publications in Armed Forces & Society between 1974 and 2006 regarding veterans and proposed new research projects on the subject.

The journal has also been the subject of study by graduate students in the MPA program at Texas State University. Olldahsi (2002) examined civil-military relations within emerging democracies, as treated in twenty key articles on the subject, and concluded that institutional structures were emphasized, but that there is more room for theoretical scholarship on the subject. Sexton (2003) established descriptive categories for 117 articles between 1998 and 2003, using Seibold's military sociology as a framework for issue categories. Bowman (2005) conducted a descriptive study of manuscripts and reviewers for the journal, utilizing content analysis and archival records analysis. Brady (2010) reviewed articles from the journal between 1974 and 2009 with a focus on peacekeeping issues and found that most peacekeeping articles related to personnel administration among peacekeeping forces. Brady's study concluded that there is a potential for greater publication on the wider political and military context in which peacekeeping missions take place.


According to the Journal Citation Reports
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, Armed Forces & Society has a 2010 impact factor
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 of 0.615, ranking it 75th out of 141 journals in the category "Political Science" and 75th out of 132 journals in the category "Sociology".

Board of editors

  • James Burk (Texas A&M University
    Texas A&M University
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  • Mark J. Eitelberg (Naval Postgraduate School
    Naval Postgraduate School
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  • David Segal (University of Maryland
    University of Maryland
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  • Jay Stanley (Towson University
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  • Claude E. Welch, Jr.(State University of New York at Buffalo)

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