Al-Qasim ibn Hammud al-Ma'mu
Al-Qasim al-Mamun was caliph of Córdoba
Caliphate of Córdoba
The Caliphate of Córdoba ruled the Iberian peninsula and part of North Africa, from the city of Córdoba, from 929 to 1031. This period was characterized by remarkable success in trade and culture; many of the masterpieces of Islamic Iberia were constructed in this period, including the famous...

 in Spain for two periods, 1018 to 1021, and again for a short time in 1023.

This was during a short period when the caliphate was held by the Hammudid dynasty
Hammudid dynasty
The Hammudid dynasty was a Zaydi Shia Muslim berberised dynasty of Arab origins, in the Caliphate of Córdoba region of Al-Andalus, in present day southern Spain...

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