1st King's Mounted Rifles
The 1st King's Mounted Rifles were a light cavalry
Light cavalry
Light cavalry refers to lightly armed and lightly armored troops mounted on horses, as opposed to heavy cavalry, where the riders are heavily armored...

 regiment of the Royal Prussian Army from 1901 to 1918. When the Imperial German Army was reorganized as the Reichsheer, A Squadron/10th Horse became bearer of the regiment's tradition.

The 1st King's Mounted Rifles belonged to the V Army Corps and was garrisoned in Posen
Posen may refer to:Places in Europe:* Poznań, Poland * Grand Duchy of Posen, autonomous province of Prussia, 1815–1848* Province of Posen, Prussian province, 1848–1918...

. When the regiment was mobilized in 1914 it formed 10th Cavalry Brigade. Colonel-in-Chief
In the various Commonwealth armies, the Colonel-in-Chief of a regiment is its patron. This position is distinct from that of Colonel of the Regiment. They do not have an operational role. They are however kept informed of all important activities of the regiment, and pay occasional visits to its...

of the regiment was Emperor William II, King of Prussia, hence the title King's.
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