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why is the benifits for the nasa or america as well to send a man to the moon or space i mean the economical benifits???
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I assume you meant "What are" not "Why is" If not, then clarify what you are asking.

The first race to the moon in the 1960's produced significant economic benefits:

* Lots of medical stuff -- NASA needed to monitor health of astronauts remotely. Much of that is used everyday in hospitals. E.g. the thumb clip that monitors pulse, blood pressure and oxygen levels.

* Lots of materials science stuff. Rockets have to be very strong to withstand the forces on them. They also have to be very light. This required a bunch of work on materials.

* Lots of project management skills. The Saturn 5 rocket had millions of parts. ALL had to work properly. All had to be produced, brought together, built, tested.

Secondary spinoffs:

Rocket technology generally gave us decent weather forecasting, satellite communications, GPS.

One can argue that any one of these could have been developed more cheaply by a direct project. However, the advantage of a large project that is just barely possible for a society to do is that it will have unanticipated problems, solutions, and spinoffs.