Naval Air Station Sigonella
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I was stationed at Sigonella NAS from 1966 to 1967, I know you probably get me in contact with my best freing. He was on the airfield crash crew, I kew him as Tom but his name may have been Thomas Cravey.
He was very upset and said he wasn't reporting for duty, the day after a tragic crash. I did know but have lost my notes but the crash I was told an aircraft from a carrier that was practicing touch and go landings. Also five aircrew perished and I would like to remember the details, if anyone can provide me with the airfield history from 1967.
My duty station was the bombing range near Pachino and everyone knew me as Charlie Wigger, my first name is Charles. I really enjoyed my tour there and was quite upset when I was transfered, to Pinecastle EWR range in Flordia for people in Sicily were much nicer and respected US Naval personnel. If anybody can I would like the history from the winter of 1966 to late fall 1967.