Naval Air Station Sigonella
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I served as an E3 at Sigonella from 1966 to Fall 1967 my rate was Tradevsman and I was assigned the bombing range near Pachino.
I was invited by a freind on the crash crew to visit, see their equipment and possibly play cards with the crew. I knew my freind as Tom Cravey but his first name may have been Thomas and he knew me as Charlie Wigger. There was a tragic crash, I used to know the type of aircraft and the ship it was stationed on, this was in warm weather 1967.
When Tom returned to the barracks he was very upset, I didn't think I was at the time but that may have been from shock but Tom kept telling me that he would not report for work there again. I recall spending the evening with him at the EM club, to calm him.
I would greatly appreaciate information in regards to the crash, I've been attempting to contact Tom since 1995 with no luck.

My name on my Navy ID was,
Charles R. Wigger Service# 9974165

Thank you,
Charles R. Wigger Sr.