Tapetum lucidum
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I wanted to know if anyone could tell me about reflective eye color in wild animals. Are there certain colors mostly pertaining to certain species? i.e. red = predatory, Green = non-predator.......or is green reflective eyes at night that of a feline species i.e. fisher cat, mountain lion etc. or could they be canine species, or raccoon etc.????

I saw green eyes in my flash light in the bushes outside with my dog(on a leash). I immediately went back inside and I could hear the animal still rustling or walking. I couldn't see a body of the animal to know what it was but..........the catch is that there is a pack of coyotes denned about 350-400 feet beside my house. I dont want to go into panic mode, prompt the killing of these animals, or right away ask that Fish and Game remove them but I do have two toddlers, and well.......my dog has to relieve himself outside ! and coyotes are known to only attack out of aggression not territorial issues. Im almost positive it wasnt a deer, due to the size of the eyes..seemed small but a good distance apart..and the way it moved. very slow but would not look away even while moving. I just wanted to know if wild animals could be identified by this feature. all imput is appreciated, no matter how small...please help.