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British Child Walfare
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Dear Sir. I am adopting a 10 year old boy that lost his family.I have been friends with the family for 4-5 years. The boys father and his two sister had been killed and before his mother died she asked me to look and Raise the boy I said I would. The adoption papers are leagle it has already been through the United Kingdom court in London. The lawyers name is John Kennedy he said he is well known. Do you know anything about Barrister John Kennedy as a lawyer?Mr. John Kennedy tryed to sneek the boy over here and he got cought by the immigration officers in JFK airport in New York in the United States.I recived a letter from the British Child Walfare liaison office at 56 canada square canary wharf london,F18 7NJ United Kingdom and the phone and faxs numbers are the same the number is +44-7045-756-167. I tryed to check this out and came up empty is there such a place?Is there a web site?If you can send me an e-mail then I can send you a copy of the letters and I would like to know if this is for real and not a scam if you know what I mean. My e-mail address is I am from the united States and the state is Michigan it called the great Lakes States.I am proud to adopt this child but I need this checked out also please.I will also send you the copy of the adoption paper and a check that I inherited of $12,000,000,00 I want to know if it is real all paper work had to go to the Royal bank of Scottland.I have spent about $ 3000-4500,so far I would like to know if everything is okay because the little stunt that kennedy pulled I have No idea if any charges will be filed. He was fined $5000.00 and Mr Kennedy wants us to pay most of this and I feel I should'nt have to pay anything.If there is a British child walfars office I would like to deal with them on this maybe with your help.I will wait for word from you or your office and thanks for your input,help and information may god honner your wishes if you have questions please ask. Thank You Ricky Andrews from the United States