Yiddish language
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Years ago, I saw a film that was partly set in pre WWII easterm Europe. There is a scene in which an elderly Jewish man learns that his daughter has become a prostitute servicing Gentiles. At least I think that that's what it was.

Anyway, his reaction is to this is a snarled word, I assume in Ziddish, which means an unclean abomination. He uses it to describe his daughter, who is now dead to him.

It is a wonderful rasping four syllable curse and I have often tried to find it in Yiddish dictionaries. However, I can't remember the word and the Yiddish word that is most often returned when I make a search is, "shiksa". It's NOT shiksa. The word I am thinking of is much more gutteral and textured and, as I said, four syllables long, (at least)

If anyone knows the word, I would appreciate his posting it. The circumstances of the filmed scene should give you a good appreciation of what the word means. Unclean, an abomination, irredeemable, cast out, a disgrace. It seemed to mean all these things.