String theory
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Would anyone be interested in looking at an engine design utilising the string theory. Gyrating terminals arcing static electrolisis & looping. Enabling an area holographic chain projection from a centred light, hologram of the static arcs, onto a peozelectric quartz crystal sphere resonating & focused.
Tone & light refraction, hence time travel control with ratio's in warp speed configurations.

Toward a galactic worm hole of quantities, in star string frequencies of a light field, being a spiral galaxy and enbling maps to be drawn of avenue locks by combination.
To cork screw
Note & light refraction from ultraviolet of each galaxy field number @ star density with colour refraction codes relative to distance.
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my name is keith taylor and like you i too am designing a type ionic drive engine have been working on it for a number of years now, i would be very interested in looking at your engine design, together we can share theorys, i live at the veterans home in barboursville, and i am always designing something, someday i hope to put my theorys into reality.