String theory
Why the orbit path of earth is elliptical & not purely circular?
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If earth experience gravitational pull from the sun then it should experience the same equal force in all directions of sun then why the orbit of earth is elliptical?
If earth is attracted by the sun then why it is not pushed towards the sun, what is keeping the earth away from the sun?
If I am getting right then string theory says sun causes the slopes in the plain & earth falls on that slope & that's why it is in the range of sun. Heavier the object becomes, then steeper the slop becomes & it causes the more attraction of other objects to that particular object. If that object, suppose Sun then can it be predicted that in which direction will the earth go?
Gravitational pull of the sun can only keep the earth in particular orbit but it can't give it motion in that orbit, then what is making the earth to move continuously in that orbit? What keeps earth rotating?
It is said that sun is a star & there are billions of such stars in the galaxy, then if sun dies & earth moves out & some day it will come near to some star definitely then any analysis that, during that time will the same current life be able to develop again on earth?
Lot of such queries are striking me. Are there any answers first in String Theory now? Please enlighten me.