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Why does NASCAR ASSOC cater so much to HENDRICKS & 48 Jimmy Johnson ?
why I came to this dission was (lets just do the last 10 races.
race #1 chase 33 Boyer wins win taken away loses 150 driver points 100k fine rear spoiler to high half thickness quarter.
race #7 #48 during inspection found illegal part on transmission, was made to chane no penilty.
race #8 # 11 hamilton ahead of 48 on points, tire rolls across pit row, nascar was going to put # 11 lap down, discovered tire was from #48, no penilty tire hit by another car. if it was #11 tire he was going a lap down.
race # 9 Jimmy Johnson comes to tech found illegal lugs on car was sent back to garage to change them no penilty. #31 crashed with #24 Jeff gets out of car pushes nascar offical out of the way attacks burton, no penilty