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I've watched several of the "what would you do" broadcasts, and I'v noticed something that really concerns me. In this day and age when we talk of equality and unity with the American people, why do we differentiate the scenarios with the use of "white" and "African American" actors/actresses. First of all, it seems to me if we're using colors, lets use black and white. If not, then Caucasian and African American. That's just silly using white and African American. That in itself shows the need to walk on eggshells. The American people should not treat anyone different, no matter the color or the class, and I honestly feel like by using these as scenarios, you are just stirring up trouble. If one or the other was treated differently on the program, it gives "ammo" for the other race. Why should we even differentiate in the first place? This is one of the reasons we have segregation. Americans are Americans. Period. No color barrier or division. So, I would appreciate the Dateline producers and staff to honestly consider eliminating the barriers. Let us be equal, don't separate us into these stereotypes.