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What is the deal with Yoplait Light Blueberry Pie flavor? I buy as many as our local Walmart and Food Lion have been carrying every week. Food Lion reworked their shelves about a month ago and does not carry this flavor anymore and I asked that they reconsider as I just moved in the area about 2 months ago & I REALLY BUY THIS ONE! Tonight I go to restock up on them and our Walmart is out and the upc code for them is gone. Please tell me Yoplait has not decided to discontinue them. I only buy these and the Red Velvet Cake flavors usually and I eat at least 2 a day of these on every given day. I just got my Granddaugther and Sister-in-law to taste and purchase these both as well. Please someone tell me and Yoplait, don't take the flavors we love away! Also, the person that is asking about the raspberry white choc. ones, I met a person last weekend who loves those also. She was looking for them. Help us Yoplait?