Indian Railways
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What is railway act? when a region people are doing rail band why dont u r officials co-operating. recently in telangana on october 15 rail roko was conducted. on that day thousands of people were arrested. mps, mlas were arrested. your scr agm approached the state dgp and handovered the railway stations to local police. with the help of police your agm scr tried to run the trains on oct'15 2011. he is happy and given a statement that he is thankful to the police for cooperating. how long u r agm takes the help of the local police. and also u r agm scr filed cases against the thousands of villagers in telangana. is it justice. is it called democracy? why your agm, scr secunderabad is taking the advice of state dgp. the telangana movement is against the state govt. so please co-operate with the people of telangana. and i request you sir, kindly lift the cases filed agianst the poor and backward sections of telangana people on 15th october 2011. thanking you. krishna from hyderabad