What do you think about LEDs
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Low carbon life style strikes root in the hearts of the people. LED illumination products with advantages of energy efficiency and environmental protection become the new generation illumination trend.
LED spotlights without such harmful element as mercury and lead and can be recycled. They have been used in supermarkets, hotels, offices, exhibition halls etc.
The followings are the chief advantages of LED spotlights:
1. Energy-saving: white LED energy consumption account for 1/10 of those consumed by incandescent lamp, 1/4 of those consumed by fluorescent bulb.
2. Environmental protection: without such elements as mercury that will be harmful to the environment. Each LED assembled components can be easily unpacking, so it can be recycle be anyone. LED lamp with out infrared ray or ultraviolet ray and won’t attracts insect.
3. Excellent color rendering capability: it resembles white light. Under such light the color of the object looks like its original color.
4. Long-lived: Imigy LED spotlights can work for more than 0.5 million hours.
these are my opinions. waht's yours?