Ultimate fate of the universe
Urantia book true or false?
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Having read paper 57 of the urantia book(for free at Urantiabook dot com then scroll to onlinestudyedition) i think it makes its own scientific proof in paper 57 dealing with the formation of the solar system.If a gravitational distortion of another celestial body that approached our then planetless sun,the gravitational distortion pulled huge tounge like streams of gas out that would suck back in untill at the celestial wanderers closest approach to the sun(which incedently was right in the middle of one of its tempermental sunspot cycles)pulled out 2 huge tounge like solar masses that didnt suck back in,they broke off and became the planets.The possible evidance is the fact that some kind of gravitational distortion had to pull the outmost gas giant worlds away from the equator of the sun the same equator they would orbit if the sun generated them out unaided or abieted.Also something had to affect mercury with a grav. Dist. the same way so its orbital spin stopped and 1 side faced the sun,same with our moon. I think angels did help write this book,and that it is true.