String theory
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There is a cosmological aspect to string theory that I have only heard once and I'm wondering if someone can refine my understanding.
There are a number of Universes, branes, which are expanding. When the density in a given brane drops below a certain level, an adjacent brane imprints itself onto the nearly vacant brane creating something of a big bang. The matter within the more dense brane is copied or transferred n
I'm sure there are enough flaws in my understanding of this to fill volumes of books with corrections. Now that the snickering has subsided somewhat is there someone who can enighten me. Thanx much.
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I'm flummoxed...laws of entropy...enthalpy...higgs-boson...
some sort of particles +loaded or -loaded, according to hawkins making it to the other side...why them and why be that so that more of one kind were prerequisite...pre-condition for his theory...the others suddenly shied away.....arrow of time...sinkholes...branes as perpetuum mobilee... norms make design complex...AND WHAT HAPPENS TO THE Planck contant?
Do the other universes have a diferent planck constant or am I still left in the post modern midleages of quantum

and somehow i was discussing or at least trying to make the connection in the subject on specific design...veered of in a different brane apparently by this helpfull site.
Can't find my feinmann lectures and so wrestle along.
It also does not help that I did not sleep since yesterday...wanting to know is an obsessive, addictive business.

While looking for the oldest account of counting (22.000 y.o
from Afrca Congo, replica was brought into space and circles the earth In sudan they used pilars as a clock,that given shift, makes a nice marker for dating-apropos of nothing branee.)
I saw a very good explanation of string theory involving a rolled up piece of paper and an elastic. The best was the assurance that this would certainly not lead to an unified theory.

snigger??? Did you have any other reply...
At least we try.
It's just my first day here and sometimes it seems like answering homework for lazy impatient college kids but there is clearly a deeper level or at least the aspiration.

I recall chaos theory, and general relativity that was suddenly used in common life, where it had no business being.The same feeling comes over me with 2nd law of dynamics and intelligent design..warps me.
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Helpfull: I recall a phycisist stating that quantum as packages got in the way of calculations but as wavelenghts no limit was found.
I still have difficulty wrapping my head round the notion that energy becomes mass.
In your brane meets brane, entropy must be conserved upto a certain point or it would cease to be.