Theme of gilgamesh
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Wow, I received quite a bit of information, I guess I didn't post my question correctly
Actually, I am going to give a short speech on gilgamesh, having already read the book, but for the title of my speech I would like to use the main theme as I heard it described by one translator, and of course, cannot find my copy anyway

I believe the main theme is worded "Action is Life" so my speech would start, Action is Life, the epic tale of Gilgamesh, I just would hate to look a fool by standing up in front of people and have it actually be reversed (which I am prone to do) and have it really be "Life is Action, the epic tale of Gilgamesh. I thought I would see if anyone in the community has heard of the theme of Gilgamesh being described in this way As I said, my copy has dissapeared and I can't find it online anywhere,
Thanks All