The difference between phylogenetics and cladistics
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I'm grateful for your "observe" section in the introductory part about the definition of the concept (on the behalf of science and consistent conceptualization). I find it a perfect, concentrated summary of the relation between this concept and related concepts, and reality. However, since I understand the confusion it creates for those that don't understand it, I would like to express the difference between cladistics and phylogenetics (i.e., the difference between cladistics as a specific and phylogenetics as its generic). The difference is that cladistics acknowledges a relationship group (i.e., clade, or holophyletic group) but not single things, whereas phylogenetics acknowledges both relationship groups and single things. The phylogenetic approach that also acknowledges single things (i.e., biological species) of phylogenies is called "evolutionary taxonomy" and uses the Linnean system for conceptualization of phylogenies.