First Opium War
The correlation between todays prohibition of drug use and the opium wars
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As far as I could find out by myself it seems as during the might of the Englisch Empire the leading elite was not against the use of opiods and or any other psychotropic substance at all. During the 1800's almost all synthesises of heroine, cocaine and even the amphetamines were discovered and their medical or ilicit use was legal. That time Britain ruled the waves it even dominated a mighty India and was well on its way controlling China with ever the same means, opium adiction and the lucrative supply of it under so called free trade agreements.
If feels as with the decline of te British Empire around 1900 or better after the 1e world war in 1918 the movement leading to the actual Opium Law - prohibition of all CNS active substances - with its main goal the protection of the public health worldwide was originated from the usa southern states where black people using cocaine commited murederers on their white female ladies from the leading families of whom the men in that time were all hooked on whisky in their social clubs. This is my intuition in order to explain how one serious person can create a law to protect the sanity of the people and prohibiting the use of all possible CNS altering substances while leaving one of the major threads to public health i.e. ethylene or ethyl alcohol untouched and free for all of mankind. The disaster of this logic is seen today as thousands of young intelligent people are being put in prison for making substances like amphetamines at home - the most striking of all being the recent methamphetamine epidemic act from 2005 in the USA. Resumed, how good intention have lead to todays disasters because the start of the good intention being wrong and allowing ethylalcohol as acceptable for public health risk.