Ultimate fate of the universe
The ultimate truth of everything(universe, origins, life, matter anything)
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I know nothing much of these man made theories or concepts or physics. but What I know is the truth of the universe.
ask your questions with the explanation of what you theory is and why. I shall answer in relation to the ultimate truth.
I am here only to find the wise to open their faculties not to prove others are wrong or to gain nothing. anyone is free to hold to own belief or what one think is right, with all due respect to one another/each other please.

These comments below. I posted in "ultimate fate of universe" discussion thread.
There is a big difference from what you see with physical matter observations and theories thereby and from what you don't see of the non-physical. 1. What is non-physical is 99.9999999999999999999--9% of the universe call it whatever name one wants dark matter, dark energy etc and so on maybe more suitable(as humans always fall back on the concept when unknown)God matter or god energy. but in ultimate truth there is no single empty place in the universe or anywhere. its all filled with unseen and non-physical you can't call it matter or energy dark or whatever bcos it doesnt fall into any of those and cannot be or never be observed with instruments made out of physical matter. it is only the after effects that will be shown in changes in physical matter.

2. The universe is not expanding & there never was a big-bang and there never will. its an illusion or an after effect of a combination of movements that one can observe that led to all those. but it is a relative observation from where you observe from with what you do that. when one do not know the mechanism of all movements what is observed and theorized therefrom is just a relative truth until it is proven otherwise. all theories in physical science is like that(look at the history.
Its a long story to explain these realities of the universe in ultimate truth. ask me if one is wise enough. a person with who knows all the current knowledge of the physics is a better person for me to explain these things with the use of his/her own examples that will lead to no doubt when the unexplained is answered., ask questions I will let you all open yourself like blooming flowers