Battle of Shiloh
The Hero of the Battle of Shiloh that saved a nation
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By 8:30 AM of the first day of battle at Shiloh, General Prentiss lost most of his men because they ran scared to the Tenn. River. This left General Prentiss only 500 men to defend the center of the battlefield. General William HL Wallace split his division into three parts and formed a shield which is known as the Hornests Nest. General Tuttle was placed in the center next to General Prentiss and his 500 men. General Tuttle regiment was one of General Will's best. General Will orchestrated this shield manuver on his own. It was his idea alone and no one elses. He saved Grant's ass as well as General Sherman and the remaining 20,000 Union soldiers who had thoer backs to the Tenn. River.

20,000 Union men fled to the Tenn. River by 10:30 AM leaving the Hornests Nest as the only key stronghold of the Union defense. To say the South could have gone around and leave the Hornests Next alone would under estimeate General Will for he would have broke off his position and pursued the Rebles,that was his character. General William HL Wallace is the hero of the battle of Shiloh which also saved a nation.

General Will was shot while trying to relocate his men into a new line of defense right in front of General Grant's Last line of defense.