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What is solus vm ?

Solus Virtual Manager ( SolusVM ) is a powerful GUI based VPS management system with full OpenVZ,Xen and KVM support. It allows you and your clients to manage a VPS.

Client can Power off/start VPS. If unable to access the server using SSH/RDC then access it using VNC. You can Monitor your VPS resource utilization, View disk space usage, bandwidth usage and memory usage. You can take Backup/restore your VPS. If you want to Reinstall your operating system then you can do it from the client panel.

Below are the some more features of solusvm panel.


• Manage multiple virtual servers from one accounts
• View bandwidth usage
• View disk usage
• View memory usage
• Serial console access
• VNC access
• Reboot
• View network information
• View graphs & statistics
• Edit account details
• Backup virtual server
• Mount ISO images
• Shutdown
• Boot
• Power off
• Reinstall
• Change hostname
• Change root password
• Change VNC/console password
• Set reverse dns
• API access
• Full language support
• Manage backups
• Set main ipaddress


• View usage statistics
• Edit users
• Create virtual servers
• Login as client
• Add ipaddress
• Manage ISO images
• View virtual server statistics
• Reboot virtual servers
• Boot virtual servers
• Create users
• Delete users
• Delete virtual servers
• Remove ipaddress
• Manage Templates
• Change virtual server owners
• Suspend virtual servers
• Shutdown virtual servers
• Power off virtual servers

Services that provide for SolusVM :

• If client is unable to create the VPS will check the logs why VPS creation failed.
• If client is facing trouble installing OS in it then help him to install OS on VPS.
• If client wants to migrate the VPS from one node to another node then can migrate the VPS.
• Sometime client VPS is unable to connect to outside world then can help them to bring the VPS connect to network.
• Installation and configuration of solusvm master.
• Installation and configuration of solusvm slave.
• Integration of master and slave node.
• VPS load issues.
• VPS memory allocation issues.
• VPS frequently going down issues.
• SolusVM node security.
• IP block add.
• VPS Template creation.
• SolusVM node hacking investigation.