Black magic
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Since I am sincerely Muslim at heart, mind, and soul, I should not, and also don't ever want to learn how to do black magic, but only prove that I didn't do it. Ironically, nihilistically, or senselessly, no one could be reasonable, patient, honest, and open-minded with me upon this very critical concern of mine, of morality, and most importantly, of Islam (true and pure monotheism).

Mainly/only out of open-mindedness than out of vengeance, about 5 days prior to the Virginia Tech shooting rampage/massacre in April of 2007, I coincidentially posted a black metal song called black spell of destruction onto a particular (persecuting) website called sillygoth. The name of the website speaks for itself, especially in regards to my enemies/opposers that I found on there. Ignorance should not be purposely used for ego-protection, is only forgiven if it's not intended/nihilistically used, and is only good for the sake of shunning evil especially in the sight of G-d.

For that specific reason, I did not, still don't, should not, and don't even ever want to learn or know how to perform black magic. That black metal song along with my words for truth, and my enemies words against it even amazingly coincided with the day of, manifesto of, and reports on Cho's shooting rampage. Wow?

For such a while I've been trying to find an honest and profoundly caring person (which is yet still very difficult despite the evident past time events of physical tragedies and the real main cause(s) of them) who can confirm with me that I did not cast a black magic spell in 2007.

Could you or anyone honestly and open-mindedly help me prove that I really didn't, and am blameless of it?

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You didn't cast a black magic spell in 2007, because there is no such thing as black magic.