Santa Monica Synth Pop Trio Deep Touch Release New Single Taunt In Me Muse On Spotify And FREE DOWNL
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Santa Monica natives, Deep Touch, have released a new single to announce the release of a new album coming out early 2017. The band’s sound can be best described as a rich, homegrown songwriting that mixes both retro and contemporary textures which is very well enveloped in the new single, “Taunt In Me Muse”.

The single has been out for a little bit over a week, and it’s already created quite the buzz in the Indie Music community. The song has been featured on a few Indie Music Blogs, including the Swedish Blog LYSSNA. You can check out what they had to say about the song here:

Be sure to give the song a listen on Spotify here: to see what all the buzz is about. If you love the song, then head over to their Noisetrade page here:
to get a FREE download of the single.

Keep up with Deep Touch on their Facebook here: for updates.