Question on voice heard in semi-conscious state
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Jai ma.. it was early morning of Aug 21, 2009. The time was around 3.30 am. I had been praying to Kali ma for the last 3 months or so because of the distress in my married life. I had not seen my daughter for almost 4 months. On that morning I woke up to attend nature's call. After I returned to bed I tried to sleep. Then, all of a sudden I heard a feminine voice. It was a roaring voice and I listened to it carefully. It said "Savadhan, Savadhan, Savadhan, why are you worrying so much? Everything will be alright. Take it easy, take it easy, take it easy." I was lying on my stomach. I was trying to look into the direction where the voice came from. I couldn't turn my head. I felt my soul was vibrating. I was baffled. After 10 min I heard the same sentence. I then got up and looked into the direction where the voice came from. I couldn't see anything. The voice appeared very ancient, loud, and clear. I did not experience anything like that after that incident.

Do shakti ma appear in dreams/semi-conscious state? I believe the voice appeared to console me. Is there any process/ritual by which I can pray the Goddess to continue appearing like that and provide instructions?