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I have just completed a new theory I call Quantum Relativity.

It links Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity via a new digital mathematical framework doing away with the impossibly complex mathematics that has frustrated physicists for too many years.

The full theory is posted on Wikipedia, but here is a quick summary.

The quantum world is digital so it needs digital mathematics to describe it.

16 individual digital states are required to describe every space-time co-ordinate and its properties. They are:
Space, Time, Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, Backward,
Electricity, Magnetism, Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, & Backward.

With some simple logic, it is possible to explain quantum gravity, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black Holes, Protons & the big bang. Not bad for a 3 page document hey?

It leads to some unique insights into the nature of the universe including the prediction that Neutrinos are Gravitational Radiation, Black hole are made of frozen time, and there must exist anti-black holes made of frozen space.

Have a read, it will blow your mind.

Michael Stahl

Just found out Wikipedia deleted it so here it is in it's beautiful simplicity.

Quantum Relativity - Linking General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Albert Einstein created his famous theory of general relativity using
equations that describe an analogue world.

Like Newton before him, he was able to describe the motions in the
universe but Einstein’s’ analogue equations become indeterminate when
division by zero gives an infinite answer - a singularity.

Quantum theory tells us that the actual nature of reality at the
smallest scale is not analogue, but digital. The reason that
Einstein’s equations break down is because an analogue equation cannot
exactly describe a digital world, only approximate it.

To model a digital universe requires logical bits and bit operations -
the mathematics of the digital world. Another way of describing this
is mathematics is information and transposition.

Infinity cannot exist in a digital universe, something mathematicians
have known for centuries. The very act of counting describes
information and transposition, the whole number set on which all
mathematics is based requires transposition from one state to the
next: 0 to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 3 etc. The analogue world is approximated
in mathematics by ratios of whole numbers.

Einstein gives us two counter-intuitive insights into the nature of
reality that can be used to understand a digital quantum universe,
namely that:

“Energy is Matter” – I’ll call it Enatter and “Time is Space” I’ll call it Tace.

The Universe is a digital Enatter – Tace (ET) matrix.

Two well known fields permeate throughout the universe:
Electro-Magnetic and Gravity.

In digital terms, a scalar field can simply be described as patterns
of zero’s and ones. More ones represent greater field intensity, less
ones less intensity. In digital mathematics, transposition happens in
discrete quantum so fields must transpose in bits.

The fewest bits required to describe a relative field is 2. One bit
describes the strength of the first point, the other the second. Using
a bit-swap transition function gives 4 possible transitions to which I
have attached names:

0:0 – Stable Low, 0:1 – Increasing, 1:0 Decreasing & 1:1 Stable High.

This bit transition function works beautifully to describe a scalar
quantum field. The exchange of bits over time models the flow of
charge. It also sets a maximum possible speed for state transition –
The speed of light. Every part of the field is relative, there are no
absolutes. Charge propagates along the field in both directions.

In order to describe the two observed fields in the universe (Gravity
and Electro-Magnetic) using this standard model of a scalar field
doubles the number of bits required to model each quantum ET
coordinate from 2 bits to 4.

A 4 bit, 2 field matrix has 16 permutations within which to encode
information as follows:

00>00, 00>01, 00>10, 00>11

01>00, 01>01, 01>10, 01>11

10>00, 10>01, 10>10, 10>11

11>00, 11>01, 11>10, 11>11

The 16 properties of every ET coordinate can be given labels that
align with commonly observed phenomenon. Both the Gravity and
Electro-Magnetic forces we measure are vector forces with magnitude
and direction. Encoding two fields as vectors using 16 labels could be
done as:

Tace, Anti-Tace, Up, Down, Left, Right, Back, Front

Enatter, Anti-Enatter, Up, Down, Left, Right, Back, Front

From this it can be concluded that the three dimensions we experience
are an emergent property of the ET matrix. The use of Anti vectors
allows for the generation of vector pairs conserving overall
neutrality in the matrix.

Enatter in the observed universe is not evenly distributed. The number
of tace transpositions required to traverse an area of higher enatter
density is more than those required traversing an area of lower
enatter density – tace becomes distorted leading to the observed
effect of gravity.

In distorted tace, the shortest path for transition propagation
between two points is curved when viewed from a reference frame of
Enatter; switching reference frames to Tace will cause enatter to
become distorted and curved. We ourselves experience Enatter as lumpy
and Tace as smooth because we are composed of lumpy Enatter.

The propagation of information through the ET (And Anti-ET) matrix
causes patterns to appear. Some of those patterns form more complex
patterns until at the scale of the cosmos they create the phenomenon
we observe. These patterns are studied and described in the computing
science of “Cellular Systems”, the most famous example being John
Conway’s “Game of Life”.

Some complex patterns are self re-enforcing and lead to stable 3
dimensional wave like patterns of transitions within the ET matrix.
These are the particles. If the self-reinforcing transition is stable
in just two dimensions we call it light.

Higher enatter concentration gradients lead to greater distortion of
the tace. The observed circumference of the transition front decreases
leading to shorter observed transition wave lengths. This matches the
observed properties.

Enatter and Tace are both concepts that are foreign to us. We don’t
experience Enatter and Anti-Enatter we experience Energy and Matter.
Similarly we don’t experience Tace and Anti-Tace we experience Space
and time.

By changing the terms as follows:

Time, Space, Up, Down, Left, Right, Back, Front

Energy, Matter, Up, Down, Left, Right, Back, Front

We gain an insight into how space-time and energy-matter vary.

In quantum terms Tace can only take on the property of Space or Time,
not both and Enatter can only be Energy or Matter not both. The
distortion of Tace can be represented by the ratio of Time(t) to
Space(s) particles counted over a particular distance. Take the
following sequence t.t.t.s.s, in this case the distortion is 3/2. For
s.t.t.t.t the distortion becomes 4/1 and so on.

It is simple to imagine a sequence where Tace is composed of only time
as follows (t.t.t.t.t). The ratio becomes 1/0 which a digital model
can easily handle, in common sense terms the clock is ticking but
there is no motion. Reversing this logic, there must exist tace
sequences that are all space (s.s.s.s.s). This would mean that motion
is happening without time.

Frozen time and space are foreign to our real-world experience. The
quantum world is very, very small and so the world we experience is
composed of very large Tace displacements. The probability of
generating a repeating pattern of just time or just space sequences
halves with every additional tace quanta. Only objects existing in
extreme gravity fields such as Protons and Black Holes will contain
unusually long time sequences in the tace at their centre.

Just as time clumps under the force of quantum gravity, space should
clump under a force of anti-gravity. Gravity and Anti-Gravity forces
should cause Time and Space to repel each other explaining Dark
Matter, Dark Energy & Hyper Inflation.

Just as the centre of galaxies where time is most concentrated
contains black holes, the centre of Intergalactic space should contain
black holes in time where space is most concentrated.

Using the same logic to examine Enatter means that an Enatter
co-ordinate have either energy(e) or mater(m) but not both. This
concept is strange, but if we change the labels we give to these
properties to electricity and magnetism it makes sense of our
experience. Just as ratios in tace give rise to distorted space-time,
ratios in enatter give rise to distorted electro-magnetism.

The interplay in Tace and Enatter distortions creates the universe.

We measure atoms as being composed of mostly empty space, suggesting
that the Enatter is very lumpy at an atomic scale. This brings the
relativistic effects of quantum gravity into play and may explain how
particle stability is achieved.

The weak interaction of Neutrinos with Enatter could be explained if
they are “anti-light” (Space-Time radiation) and interact with Enatter
via the gravity/anti-gravity forces only.

The evolution of the Universe is explained by propagation of
complexity (Entropy) within the ET and Anti-ET matrix. The distortion
of ET at all scales is fractal in nature.

The universe cannot be deterministic because infinite possible states
cannot be contained within a finite set.

I instinctively believe that this is also a theory of prime numbers
but I don’t yet know how to prove that.

Quantum relativity unifies physics’ two greatest theories - General
Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

Michael Stahl

10 September 2011
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Michael Stahl,
Your Quantum Relativity Theory is sensible besides being brilliant especially how you define the 16 aspects of space time that are required to define what a mass velocity will be subjected to going through that space while having a specified velocity. Im reading now what you said and my strong interest comes from my own Tachyon quantum super luminosity having license to be inducted by the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle that puts an end to the absolute C. I will completly read your work, must see if where I was going is compatable with what you are stating.
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Interesting. I will try to apply that to the question i posted a while back, and see if multidimensional energy/matter and space/time can be modled this way.
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Is your theory Quantum Relativity or Quantum Relatiity or is the latter a typo on your site?.
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Your info deep and dense, taking them one at a time.
Concerning various dimensions in space:
The Analemma form is found on Earth Globes, it is defined via Earth orbiting Sun in one year and recording the unevenness of the radiation of the Sun- an unevenness other than what should be encountered in a straight forward eccentric orbit about the Sun while recording its radiation. The Sun itself is rotating while having a forward velocity that leaves a helical track, a helical track left behind while the Sun itself is continually striving for dynamic nucleonic equilibrium while being aimed (by Super Luminosity) at the center of mass of the universe and eventually in Time a Time that is related to Earth mass vs. Sun mass and with that number into years representing one Analemmic track of the Sun in that space of the universe for that period of time. The universe is itself rotating about some center of mass. Here on Earth the pattern of the Analemma is defined as one earth year and is apparently related to the earth axial tilt of approximately 23.5 degrees from the North Pole. The Analemma can be viewed as being a warped figure 8 rotated 90 degrees having its center line parallel to the Earth equatorial line.
It appears that the Universe itself is tilted against a force as in a sail ship opposing the direction of a wind in order to gain mechanical advantage in that environment.
Investigating Analemmic Tides in the multi universe environment and defining relationship to dynamic space travel and the impingement on some static values of a particular Space Time coordinate. Romance in an analog review is best, measurement appears best digitally yet Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle says nothing can be absolute- therefore how one needs to look at it defines if your analog or digital. If your answer is analog and you need more precision you dig deeper and find a new quantum event horizon explanation- that on closer analysis we find that the quantum of some approaching event horizon is actually a string with a quantum least corpuscularity still retaining the maximum energy of that analysis and therefore becoming the quantum that satisfies our desire for finality in our counting, yet on getting closer and closer we find a sting having yes a quantum focal point yet it is part of a string family having as many participants as are required to complete the affinitisement of a mass at that energy state.
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Who says the quantum world is "digital" rather than "analog"? Digital and analog are man-made ways of measuring and not some inate expression of physical reality.
And hey,I must say that this article/unpublished theory/hypothetical bs or what have you is a great example of that old adage, "If you can't provide proof, dazzle 'em with bs". Congrats!! Why isn't this great revelatory theory of yours published? Sounds like the greatest thing since white bread since it answers everything! Crackpot does not describe you adequately. Posts like yours are the reason I'm leaving this site. I hoped for dialog with scientists or at the very least, scientific people, but mostly it's been reading posts from people from the lunatic fringe.
Not saying that's you but I do wonder about your education for you seem to have a goodly amount. But education, no matter how good it is, is wasted on a nut and might even be dangerous.
You took 2 and raised it to the 4th power. That's where your 16 bits came from.
Incidentally, Einstein did not say that matter is energy or that time is space. He said that they are different manifestations of the same property or dimension.
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What's your theory on Gravity? Check out my post; Its a very simple idea.
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Did you know that our Solar System may contain a Red Dwarf with an orbital period of 26 million years?